torsdag 10. april 2008

Heia Grayling!

Det hadde gitt rimelig astronomiske odds å levere inn bonger på at jeg skulle gi min varme ros og tilslutning til A.C. Grayling.

Dette gjelder vel og merke så langt kun hans posisjon i debatten om Is the Renaissance scholar dead?

Ikke minst var denne ganske på sin plass, selv om den ikke er overvettes original:

Moreover, a true education provides people with a broad knowledge of culture and history, enabling them to appreciate the amenities of civilised life, to understand what they encounter in their experience as citizens of the world, and to relate with greater insight and generosity to others. Like any appetite, the appetite for finding out, and thinking about what is learned, grows by feeding; and with the nourishment it provides, come other goods of mind and heart.

Ikke så verst denne heller (selv om den kanskje ikke så entydig kan knyttes til ulike syn på renessanselærde):

The second is that we think education stops around the end of the second decade, and that people will then get on with the next stage of conformity, as both cogs in the wealth-production machine and consumers of its outputs. But education should be a lifelong endeavour. When it is, it is richly satisfying and keeps minds fresh and flexible, and maintains interest in the possibilities of the world.

Godt han er enig med Chesterton i noe, og ikke bare fordi det beviser at miraklenes tid ikke er forbi.

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