tirsdag 10. desember 2013

Den filosofiske doktorvisa

Som lovet fortsetter vi med musikalblogging om Fermat's Last Stand og er i dag kommet til Aquinas-visa.

Den gode doktor redder med den ene hånden reisefølget ut av en knipe, mens han i kjent stil med den andre imøtegår feiloppfatninger.

On The Question Of Whether Theological Disputations May Be Set To Music 
(Tekst: Scott Alexander, musikk: Buck Shlegeris og hans band)

I greatly fear
It would appear

Theology is just a scam
A pseudoscientific sham
Unproductive and confusing
All the garbled terms it's using

While the other arts advance
Theology makes angels dance
On the heads of sewing pins
While counting out a list of sins

And I suspect
Some would object

Objection one, it isn't fun
Objection two, it isn't true
Objection three, it's not for me
Objection four, it's such a bore

But on the cont'ry, Scripture said
Eventually you'll turn up dead
And when you do, you'll want to know
Exactly which way you should go

So to this chat
I answer that

Theology, theology
It isn't just tautology
It edifies your being like
A spiritual technology

You attack it, you critique it
But you secretly still seek it
God and goodness are the ends
To which your very nature tends

It's not just my opinion
It's a fact teleological
From some of reason, some of faith
And summa theologica

And that is why
I would reply

I reply objection one
Theology is plenty fun
And I reply objection two
God's highest in the genus "true"

And I reply objection three
That Jesus died for you and me
And I reply objection four
That with these teachings you can soar

Beyond just words and theory in
To the high Empyrean
All these concepts, once you've known 'em
Lead you to the summum bonum

Let yourself be led to God
By teachings pedagogical
From some of reason, some of faith
And summa theologica.

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