tirsdag 22. april 2014

Sensasjon: Svarte katter på Facebook

Metaforer kommer i mange farger og fasonger. Til høyre er en av dem som for tiden går æresrunder på facebook.

Nå kan man kommentere slike bilder på mange måter. F.eks som Andee Harston her 19. april med at 
Philosophy is pondering why you are in a dark room in the first place and why you are searching for a black cat. Then examining why the black cat is there too....if you ever find it, which you never will, but you will always make a mental loop back to the beginning and keep asking why... 
Metaphysics: Metaphysics is wondering if the cat exists in the dark room and wondering if it has fur, and is indeed, black. Then the room is lit, and there is nophysical cat, but there is the essences, of said cat still lingering in the room.
Not touching religion...
Science is standing outside the black room, hearing meows, seeing scattered kitty litter and seeing bits of cat food, them developing a theory that maybe a cat exists in the room.

Sometimes the cat escapes the room proving your theory true, and others, you are eventually handed the key to the room, open the door and find a digital recording playing cat meows.  
Eller man kunne kommentert med å sende rundt bildet til høyre.

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