onsdag 6. mai 2009

Röyksopp med referansene i orden

Gårsdagens intervju med Röyksopps Svein Berge i Drowned in Sound kom meg for øyet i dag.
DiS: You trashed a laptop during your Ether gig. Are you an angry person?

SB: [Laughs] Well, it failed me! It was delivering samples to one of my drumkits and it kept dropping off. It was an old laptop, I must say, it wasn't brand new. It had been with us at least a few years.

DiS: A veteran.

SB: Yes, it was a veteran and it died in service; it got its Norwegian flag folded in a triangular shape and it was buried at sea. It's no longer with us. I tore the whole screen off it.

DiS: Your Pete Townshend moment.

SB: I think it was more Keith Emerson.
Ah, referansene i orden blant dagens ungdom. Slikt gjør godt på morgenkvisten.

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